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Meet our medical staff

Dr. Jhowla Manoo

Education: MBCHB
Position: General prectitioner with special interest in orthopaedics.
Work experience: 16 years (12 years in orthopaedics)
Hobbies: Reading
What she likes most about her job: Helping people, seeing them healthy.
Location: Providence branch

Dr. Manoo Rankhelawon

Education: MD, rheumatology, PT, sport medicine
Position: General practitioner, pheumatologist, kinesis therapist
Work experience: 3 years
Previous work: Volgograd, Margosha Clinic
Hobbies: Fitness, body building, healthy lifestyle
What she likes most about her job: I enjoy seeing people getting better under my counselling.
Location: Providence branch.

Dr. Poongkuzhali Pillay

Dr. Poongkuzhali Pillay

Education: MBBS, DIP.DD
Position: Dermatologist & Cosmetologist
Work experience: 6 years
Additional medical areas: General practitioner
Hobbies: Playing badminton, singing.
What she likes most about her job: When my patients see results of our procedures. It is a very nice feeling.
Location: Eden branch

Mrs. Michaella Estico

Mrs. Michaella Estico

Education: Diploma in nursing
Position: Medical nurse
Work experience: 6 years
Hobbies: Reading, Evangelism (Christian)
What she likes most about her job: Encountering different people and interacting, delivering quality care
Location: Providence branch

Mr. Noris Zialor

Mr. Noris Zialor

Education: Diploma in biomedical laboratory sciences
Position: Lab technician
Work experience: 7 years
Hobbies: Movies
What he likes most about his job: Microbiological analysis
Location: Providence branch

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