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Most Bedroom Tips Don’t Work For Everyone.
These Ones Do, Though.

Many articles that try to offer tips on how to make the sparks flying in bed tend to be about techniques that may or may not work for you depending on what your tastes are. Not everyone likes dirty talk or velvet rope, for instance. What if you just want advice that is universal – tips that would work for everyone? This is what these tips below try to do – to be everything to everyone.

Stop caring about the strange looks that you will get

To millions of couples everywhere, their number one enemy in bed is anxiety over what their partners will think when they tell them what they really fancy. Certainly, if your partner has absolutely no taste in the moves that you dream about, you could be embarrassed.

It’s important, though, to simply forget about how bad it will be when your partner laughs at you. Couples go on for years without ever knowing what the other really wants. In the spirit of true sharing and togetherness, you should just come out and tell your partner what you really like.

To make it easier on yourself, you could set a good example yourself. Push your partner to share first and react positively to what you hear.

Never be uncharitable yourself

Both men and women can be extremely insensitive when they hear about their partners’ exotic tastes. A person sharing their most intimate feelings tends to be in a very vulnerable place. It is extremely poor form be judgmental at a time like this. People are easily hurt by a critical attitude when they share a special, intimate need. It is important to go to great lengths to be extremely open and accepting – even if what your partner wants is something that you will ultimately not actually indulge in.

Think about how you can be more generous than your usual self

In a relationship that’s a few months or a few years old, it can be difficult to keep noticing new things about your partner and to keep complimenting them. This is one reason why relationships begin to grow stale over time.

Anyone can recognize an unnatural or forced expression, though. You need to do whatever it takes to naturally bring on your admiration. Once you feel admiration, you won’t be able to help but express it from time to time. The more your partner hears your compliments and feels your honest admiration, the more involved they will be in bed. What could be a better way to make the sparks fly to have two people together who know that they still have it?

Be vulnerable, yourself

Much movie sex is perfectly choreographed for sensual heat – not one move out of place. If that was how it really happened in real life, you wouldn’t be very interested. Variety is important in sex – even the variety that mistakes bring once in a while. The more vulnerable and unpracticed two people are, the more real their time together feels.

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