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Aqualyx Clinical Evidence

The following resources are for doctors and medical professionals.

An Adipocitolitic Aqueous Micro-Gelantinous Solution for Buffalo Hump Deformity Reduction
Evaluation of a New Adipocytolytic Solution: Adverse Effects and Their Relationship With the Number of Vials Injected
Cavitational Adipocytolysis with New Micro-Gelatinous Injectable for Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue Volume Reduction
Intralipotherapy Patient Satisfaction Evaluation Study (IPSES)
Non-surgical Reduction of Buffalo Hump Deformity – Case Report and Literature Review

Before and After Photos:

Before & After 1
Before & After 1
Before & After 1
Before & After 1
Before & After 1

Advantages of Aqualyx:

  • Approval as medical device with a CE mark
  • Product is delivered ready to use
  • Healthcare professional can add 0,2ml Lidocaine (2%) before injection
  • Fewer side effects (swelling, hematoma, bruising, erythema, pain) because of the unique product concept (desoxycolan buffered by two hydroxy-groups that take the acid to the membrane of the fat cell)
  • Easy to administer with long flexible and sharp cannulas – max. 2 – 3 injection sites on large areas (fanning technique)